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2020 Calendar of Events and Upcoming Announcements

Neighborhood Election Information (February 23rd at 7:00PM in the Clubhouse)

2020 Candidates:

Candidate: Mujeeb Shah-Khan
Lived in Providence Hills since November of 2016 on Wallbrook Drive.
Family: Wife – Cyndi; Son – Zain
Occupation: City Attorney, City of Monroe
Prior and Current Representative Board Experience:
– Chair, Hands on Charlotte Board of Directors
– Chair, Theatre Charlotte Board of Directors
– Chair, NC League of Municipalities Risk Management Services Board of Trustees
– President-Elect, NC Association of Municipal Attorneys
As a resident of Providence Hills, I understand the critical role the HOA Board plays in our community. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the current Board to make sure  it considers all residents’ interests and to ensure its work is open and transparent. I hope to continue that process, while partnering with all members of our community to keep PH the best neighborhood in the area by preparing a long-term plan, making careful financial decisions and supporting social events.

Candidate: Jomar S. Roberts I, MD, BC Neurologist

I am a Christian Neurologist residing at 3417 Savannah Hills Drive. An avid duck and big game hunter, fisherman, Ironman 70.3 triathlete and general all purpose go-to-guy. I hope to add my energy to the HOA Board as a member helping to coordinate community activities for all. My goals for board are more outreach to new and current owners, group competitions at the club house and hopefully a community cookout.

Candidate: Shannon Curtis                                                                                    My family moved to Providence Hills nearly 5 years ago. (My husband and I have two boys, age 3 and 5.) Since then, we’ve become active community members, including my serving a 2 year term as a neighborhood board member. Although my part-time job in Human Resources and my unbelievably active toddlers keep me busy, I hope to continue to serve as a voice for all residents!

Candidate: Bob Armet
Lived in Providence Hills since April 2000
Family: wife— Kathy
Grown children— Katie & Bobby
Occupation: Facility Director of Threshold Church
Hobbies: Gardening & Nascar

Below are the Providence Hills HOA Board of Directors roles and responsibilities:
  • Serve a 2 year term
  • Attend 75% of the monthly Board meetings during the term
  • Attend the semi-annual community meetings
  • Assume an agreed upon role of the Board; President, Vice-president, Treasurer, Secretary, liaison with community committees, etc.
  • Be a conduit between residents and the Board
  • Handle other assigned duties as necessary
We look forward to seeing more and more participation from our neighbors!


Calendar for 2020 being finalized.

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